Released June 19th, 2014
(Order your paperback copy here)

Mystic Waters was a project I had no intention of sharing with the world. It was, essentially, my escape during my deployment to Afghanistan. It takes place in a fictional Mystic, based off of Mystic, Connecticut. While I hope you all read (and love) the book, my mission in writing this blog, in writing at all, is to show everyone that your dreams are attainable through hard work a dedication. Join me on the journey of writing the sequel to Mystic Waters, Chasing the Tide.

Welcome to Mystic. 🙂

All my love,

Book Cover Final

With hopes of evading a great sin in her past, Liza catches the next bus out of town and accepts a job offer at a small diner in Mystic, Connecticut. She aims to live a normal life, but she fears that whatever she has within her is too strong and unstable for her to control. Liza and her best friend Farah discover that Liza is a half-mermaid, dubbed ‘demi,’ and the only demi thought to have enough power to lead the battle against Maria the Sea Witch and her army of flesh-eating sirens.

When Liza meets a handsome stranger named Edric, she starts to wonder if it’s time to take a chance and open her heart to someone. There is always more than meets the eye, and that rings true in the small town of Mystic. The first part in a dynamic series, Mystic Waters will put to bed all preconceived notions about mermaids and awaken the idea that, beneath the blue horizon, there is a whole other world at war.

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