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There’s always a story behind a story. At least, for me there is. And, per usual, I’m going to share mine. But this one is different; because this one is the most personal I’ve ever gotten.

I started writing this novel almost three years ago but something wasn’t right about it so I shelved it. Perhaps I wasn’t ready; perhaps it wasn’t ready for me. Still, it’s weighed on my mind since then and often, I thought back on it, trying to figure out how to work the storyline necessary to sustain the elements I hoped to achieve. And maybe that was what was wrong. I wasn’t feeling; I was trying.

When I was 19, I got my first tattoo based on an Eminem verse. “Love is EVOL, spell it backwards, I’ll show you…” (Eminem, Space Bound). So the word EVOL now lives on the left side of my ribcage.


IMG_7268 (1)
Circa 2011 when I was thinner and had no idea I’d be speaking to/inspiring future me. Also, when cellphones were shittier lol.


Years and years later (I’m 26 now), that sentiment still rings true. I’d been burned by love many times and I’d even done some of the hurting. Love wasn’t always patient and kind. And the last time I loved, it changed something in me. That love made me ready to take this story on and tell it in a way I wasn’t prepared to, back when I started it.

In short, you have to let life — the past, present, and future — stitch you back together. At 19, I had no idea what I’d be telling myself today. And three years ago, I had no idea what I was actually starting. And in opening this story again after the end of that relationship, I didn’t realize it would be not only a therapeutic release for me, but a call to women who’ve experienced similar things. Because what helped me heal was knowing I wasn’t alone.

So this is my way of paying homage to my hurt; of moving forward with my shoulders square and my heart a little more guarded.

EVOL is loosely based on true events. From my heart and soul, straight to yours.

A love story told from the disastrous end, to the glorious beginning.

Denise and Gavin are over.

381 days into their love affair, Gavin shut the door and Denise is all alone.

At day 380, Denise is trying to figure out how to salvage what’s left of their relationship and by day 200, they are even happier than the day they met; day 1 when Denise knows beginnings are merely endings in disguise.

But what doesn’t kill us will break our hearts.

Travel back 381 days and bear witness to the goodbye before the hello.


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