Crashing Souls Birthday Excerpt!

I know I always promise to post more. I’m not going to make that promise again. Instead, I’m going to post when I have time and hope that will be enough. Yesterday, I promised on my Instagram account that I would post an excerpt for my birthday today. Here’s that excerpt!

*Disclaimer: The following is an excerpt from Cynthia A. Rodriguez’s upcoming novel, Crashing Souls. It may be edited or removed prior to publication.*

I didn’t know what to expect. But as Noa brought brush to canvas over and over, sometimes different colors, sometimes the same, I was in awe of her. She’d stepped back a few times, as if changing the focus from the one spot she’d worked on to the entire image. I didn’t think she remembered that I was still here.

She leaned more toward cool colors. When she brought a splash of brightness to the painting, I was more than surprised. In my mind, the darker colors represented Noa before me. And that small splash of brightness, it was hope. It gave me hope that she knew light when she saw it. And that she’d follow it through the darkness, to me.

Now playing Kelly Clarkson’s Run Run Run.

All my love,

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