Jesse’s Warriors

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days now. But with work and getting ready to move, it has kind of fallen aside. Not because I don’t care but because usually when I get home, I pass out.

Today is the day!

Many of you know that I wrote Mystic Waters and most of Chasing the Tide while I was deployed. You also know that while I was deployed, my unit lost someone. And you may even know that I’ve dedicated Chasing the Tide to him. Well, I’ve decided it is time to really dedicate myself to his cause. Which is why the first month’s sales of Chasing the Tide will go to Jesse’s Warriors Inc., a non-profit organization started by SSG Jesse Williams’ mother, Debbie, to help other service members. Their help ranges from helping veterans, retirees and actively serving men and women with paying bills to sending care packages to deployed service members.

I completely admire this woman for taking her grief and turning into something beautiful and positive. While we were all lucky to have spent time with him (even if only moments like me, or his lifetime like you), he was lucky to have you. God bless you!

I would encourage everyone to head over to the Mystic Waters website and pre-order the paperback. Chasing the Tide releases May 1st!

I listened to the sounds of a spring evening outside my window as I wrote this. No song today, folks.

All my love,

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