The “Catching Up” Post

OK. So a lot has been happening. Not anything earth-shattering, but little updates here and there. For instance, the book trailer is out for Chasing the Tide! See it here! Also, the paperback I available for pre-order here!

I announced on my Twitter and Instagram that I wouldn’t be announcing anything major regarding Crashing Souls until after the release of Chasing the Tide. This is mostly because Liza deserves her spotlight. Chasing the Tide releases May 1st. For the next few weeks after that, I’m on the mermaid train.

But by June, I should have some Crashing Souls news. If I’m being honest, we’re ahead of the curve for this project, as we already have the cover and release date. The book requires editing and has already been through a round of beta readers. I won’t comment on the genre of this book nor the age bracket but I will say it’s a love story. And, for my loyal readers, I created a little something for the project. I hope you like it!

I’ll be spending a great deal of time with Crashing Souls, so it’ll be interesting to see how I balance editing and the release! My posts will be fewer and fewer within the next couple of months because I’m moving! And because I decided to complete two books around the same time frame. And because I am required to write more books. Which I love! Talk to you guys soon.

Now playing Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar.

All my love,

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