The Evolving Author

Howdy folks. I’m typing from what I thought was my deathbed just the other night. Yes. I am sick. Cough drops and medication, snot covered tissue and those coughs that make you think, this is it. OK. I’m super dramatic. But we already knew that! Let’s talk about things we don’t know tonight.

I’ve written three books. While two of them are still in their editing phases, it seems surreal.

I’ve picked up on new writing habits these days. One of them? I now know I will never write two books the same way. What worked for one story will not work for another. I wrote Chasing the Tide in bursts, fighting my own demons to get it out. But I wrote Crashing Souls with a feverish need to get it out of me, like sucking out poison only it was this amazing story.

Two. I recently was sent this link (by Lily Paradis) and I love what Elizabeth Gilbert is saying. Especially when she mentions the genius and how it comes at you. And if you miss it, it’s gone. I love that. And so, I now take notes. They are all on my iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Whichever is closest. I can usually feel my creative genius creeping up on me. And when I do, I stop whatever it is I’m doing and get the words down. The words are typically honest and so strong. And they usually happen in the shower. I don’t know if you guys have ever had to use an iPhone with wet fingers…it’s not fun.

Three. This is kind of linked to the second point. I listen to my current project’s playlist no matter what. Especially in my car. I warn people before they get in that the music will be writing music, which can range from upbeat pop to a somber indie track. Wonderful.

I guess the point of this post is to show you all how far I’ve come…and how far you’ll go. Things change. And habits you made with one story will break with another. I don’t snack as much when writing. And I also tend to build my writing playlist both before I write and while writing as opposed to just the latter.

I’m posting the Crashing Soul reactions I’ve been receiving and posting on Instagram.


Yes, my betas have been busy. Even Rosemi has read it! I’m nervous for the world to read it, more nervous than Chasing the Tide. Time to suck it up and be a big girl!

Now playing Surround You by Echosmith (from the Crashing Souls playlist, which you can find on Spotify, along with my other writing playlists).

All my love,


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