Starting Over

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas! The day after always feels like a hangover, right? So, this morning I’m awake next to my sleeping husband and I had a thought: Crashing Souls is off. Something is wrong. Within the next hour, I figured out what was wrong, figured out how to fix it, did some research, and rewrote the beginning and many small pieces that brought the story to its rightful place.

When I first spoke to you all about Crashing Souls, I mentioned reincarnation and religion. Religion is likely the most controversial topic. I don’t want to force my opinions or beliefs on others. So, I took out the religion because it wasn’t working for the story. Dexter Andrews is no longer given the chance to return to earth by God. He is given the opportunity by the Angel of Death. Yes, the Grim Reaper.

See, the story couldn’t handle the weight of religion. Dexter was crumbling beneath it. It was the one thing I felt that was holding my characters back. I can’t say that I did this out of fear. I refuse to think that I’d change a story because of what people think. Rather, I did it for my story.

This brings me to the topic of being able to scrap things that don’t make sense in your work or that are hindering that massive jump in your word count (because I know word count is a big deal to some of us; it shows progress). I know a lot of us are temperamental and we become attached to our words. We love the climbing word count and the idea of deleting anything makes us want to cry.

But, think about it. What is writer’s block to you? Why do you think you experience it? Writer’s block, to me, is that moment where you lose sight of what your characters are telling you. You are too into your own thoughts. This isn’t your story. You are just here to tell it. So you have to stop thinking and just write, unless your characters are telling you it isn’t working early on, like mine told me today. Don’t be afraid to start over. Your eyes will be keener the second time around.


Crashing Souls’ first draft should be done soon!

Now playing Moments by Tove Lo.

All my love,

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