Is There Ever a Write Time?

All right. Most of you know that I’m an active duty Soldier. I’m also an author. How do I do it? I’m sure this post is going to piss off some people but I’m going to say the things people are afraid to. Ask Rosemi. It’s who I am.

My mornings and the better parts of my days belong to the Army. I’m not going to tell you what I do between the hours that the sun is out. But let’s talk about how tired I am already when I’m heading home. At this point, I’ve done a full day’s work and then some. There’s nothing more I’d like to do than take a long shower and go to sleep. Do I do this? Very rarely. Instead, I eat dinner (which is likely something quick I put together because I save the serious cooking for weekends and special occasions), I open up my laptop, and I settle in. Most of the time, I’m on Skype with my mom. We have this thing where she listens to the music I listen to as I write. She says it’s relaxing. Yes, I know it’s strange. But it’s a sacrifice I have to make for the people I love.

So, my laptop is on, Spotify is playing the playlist I’ve built for whatever project I’m currently working on and I start. I don’t care about word count, I don’t care about rituals, I don’t give a crap about where I am, to be honest. The two things I require are music and focus. And let me tell you, it takes a lot to deter me from my work.

I can’t knock those who are full-time writers. It takes guts and I hope to be there one day. But what I’ve learned in my short amount of time writing is that you’re going to write if you want to. You’re going to write if the sky is purple, if your dog has died, if you don’t have a cent to your name. Nothing is going to take you from the words if you’re meant to write them. So, while I don’t look down on those who have rituals (some people really need them), I will write any and everywhere, in whatever condition is comfortable. Why? Because the words will come. The day that they don’t, I’ll start worrying.


How do I find the time to write? I cut all of the bullsh*t excuses and I get right into it.

Now playing Grand Piano by Nicki Minaj. Her new album is kind of amazing.

All my love,

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