Chasing the Tide Cover Reveal + Excerpt

Howdy, folks. Today is the day. I’ve been waiting a long time and I’m sure some of you have too. The cover for Chasing the Tide is here!

Anterior-Soft-Cover (1)

I’m sure you’re all wondering the significance of what you’re seeing. Two women jumping off of a ship. Well, because I LOVE my readers, wonder no more. Here’s an excerpt!

“I have to warn you,” Amare started, “this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.” I nodded, ready to get the travel over with. We were standing there in our bikinis, Amare having thrown our other clothes over to disguise the fact that we’d ever been on board.

“I’m—I am not going to kiss babies and pretend I’m Princess Di.” I sighed. “This is war. These are my soldiers…my people. It’s about time they had a real leader.” I took her hand, and she signaled it was time to jump ship. Climbing the metal guard rails, we stood there for a moment, watching the light ripples in the water as the sun began to show itself. I turned to her, noting the energy brimming under her cool exterior. She held my hand tighter, and together we stepped off, the velocity of our fall making me dizzy with excitement.

We splashed into the water and almost immediately transformed, ripping through our bikinis in the process. The water was the clearest I’d seen. There was something to be said about the tropics. Although winter was nearly upon us, the water was still warm—until we reached the lower levels. As we headed farther down, I watched the sea creatures react to our intrusion. Schools of fish dodged us and, as we neared the coast of the small island, I saw a small opening in the rocks.

‘Is that where we’re headed?’ I asked, pointing to it. Amare nodded and grabbed my hand again.

‘There’s going to be a pull, like a current. Just hold on.’ As soon as she said it, I could feel myself being tugged.

‘Where is it taking us?’ I could feel the panic in my words, despite them not having said them aloud.

‘To my world.’ It was announced with pride, and I was wondering if I would even make it when everything went dark.

I am so blessed to be living my dream and I can only hope that my story, that this blog, helps others to reach for the stars.

Now playing Always In My Head by Coldplay. Side note: Mystic Waters is on sale on Amazon for $4.99!

All my love, from Nivineon,


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