Getting Out of the ‘Funk’

So, lately I’ve been in a funk. A writing funk, a life funk, an everything funk. I didn’t want to touch Chasing the Tide, Crashing Souls, or The Reigning Waves. I just reveled in the funk. I even emailed Rosemi regarding my funk. It seemed unbreakable.

How did I fix it? I wrote. I opened Crashing Souls and I poured my frustration into it. How else did I fix it? I read. I finished a Nora Roberts trilogy I’d read years ago and fell in love with it all over again. The Key Trilogy, if anyone cares to know. I think I’ll read the In the Garden Trilogy next.

I realized, my funk was induced by stress, yes, but also because I’d lost sight of my love for words; both reading and writing. I am not saying reading an writing fixes all. I’m saying, in my house, it does. My husband reads more than I do. I credit that to my spending equal parts writing as well as reading.

Eating lots of turkey helped as well.

But, in all seriousness, writing gives me sanity. If I spend too much time away from my words, I get antsy.

Ryan Gosling10

In other news, Crashing Souls has hit 22,205 words and Chasing the Tide is almost ready to be passed back to Rosemi. I’m fighting with myself on posting excerpts and so far I haven’t. But it sucks!

Now playing Munich by The Fray.

All my love,

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