Crashing Souls

If any of you have seen my Instagram, or have frequented this blog recently, you’ve likely learned a little about a secret project of mine. Crashing Souls was originally something I wanted to try after finishing the Mystic Series. But, as life would have it, I couldn’t get the story out of my head. It was too raw to keep to myself, and I love the challenge it brings.

I’m still on track to bring you Chasing the Tide and The Reigning Waves without a hiccup, but I think this is something I definitely needed to do. Writing three books at once (adding finishing touches to Chasing the Tide, and writing both The Reigning Waves and Crashing Souls) is something I feel I need to get used to. Tackling more than one book at a time is something most authors do. And while it’s usually books within a series, I see a lot of authors doing standalone novels as well, which is what Crashing Souls will be.

This novel is slated to be released after Chasing the Tide and before The Reigning Waves. While I know some of my readers will be annoyed with me releasing a different book in the midst of a series, I think this story has something for everyone. It will definitely broaden my readership.

Crashing Souls

While the Mystic Series offers an urban fantasy setting, Crashing Souls is a young adult contemporary romance. Some of the main themes are love, of course, and reincarnation. I know that a lot of people don’t want to have religion thrown in their faces, so I tend to follow the story. With this story, although faith and religion are touched upon, it isn’t a Christian novel. There is no one religion specified. There is simply a being, and He is never named nor does He interfere in Dexter’s life decisions. After all, Dex is an 18-year-old high school student. Some would say he has to make mistakes in order to learn lessons.

I hope that this story resonates with readers as it has with me. I couldn’t stop myself from writing it, after all. The reason this book will be released before The Reigning Waves is because it’s a little less intricate. With an urban fantasy series, I have to follow guidelines I’ve placed as well as keep each of my characters happy. For Crashing Souls, it should be a fairly quicker write. I have the basic storyline down already.

Anterior Books, Rosemi, and I hope that the announcement of Crashing Souls brings you the same joy it brings us. I look forward to the day you all have this novel in your hands.

Now playing Coming Home – Part II by Skylar Grey.

All my love,

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