Chasing the Tide News + Book Three’s Title!

Hello, hello. I update my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook more often than I do this blog, but for those of you who don’t utilize those sites, I have news.

First, I received Chasing the Tide back from Rosemi. She had only great things to say!

Rosemi Edit

I had a hard time staying awake during duty while I was writing and she was teasing me. I ended up typing in a series of numbers into the MS that obviously weren’t meant to be there. The editing phase is moving a lot quicker than with Mystic Waters. I think Rosemi and I have a bit of a rhythm now, which is fantastic.

Next bit of news: book three has a title. It was announced on my Instagram account two days ago. I blurred the image and a day at a time would lessen the blur until my followers could guess the title. They guessed it by the second post. Here’s the title, ladies and gents:


And because I get a little too excited, I posted a short excerpt from The Reigning Waves. Excerpt is posted below.

TRW Excerpt

Phew! A lot to take in in one post, right? I know. It was a lot to update you guys on. I cannot wait until Chasing the Tide is in your hands and when The Reigning Waves comes out, I can only hope you all will still be following this journey. It means the world to me.

Now playing the acoustic version of Still Here by Digital Daggers which happens to be on the Chasing the Tide playlist.

All my love,

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