Chasing the Tide Update! (And Excerpt)

I know I was supposed to hand Chasing the Tide over in 19 days but…it’s officially with Rosemi! Crazy, right?!

Duty last night was long and everything I wrote, I hated. It wasn’t until I got home, slept for three hours and showered that I got exactly what I wanted. I am so excited. It’s been tough. This book has taught me a lot. Mostly, it’s taught me that some stories will make you face your own demons. I love all of my characters. You’re definitely going to learn a lot more about each of them. In the cases where you don’t, you’ll at least see them grow.

There is a reason for the things my characters do. When we meet Liza, she is meant to be a nobody. She is meant to be a caterpillar. The evolution of Liza is definitely something I have had immense pleasure witnessing. She’s amazing.

There is still work to do before the manuscript is publishable. But I feel better knowing that this step has been completed.

I hope you all love Chasing the Tide. It was a challenging write but there are moments that just take your breath away.

Here’s a small piece of what I’ve been working on. Remember, it’s in the editing process and may not make it into the actual book. Thanks so much for your support and my amazing readers!

I could still hear him as he tried to show me how to bewitch others. You have to want it more than your next breath, Elizabeth. Believe that without it, you are nothing. That passion, that need, it will pass onto them. And you will have succeeded.

Now playing I Forgot Where We Were by Ben Howard.

All my love,

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