Sales, Marketing, and Other Profanity

As human beings, we’re always evolving, always learning. So, wouldn’t the same thing be said of our writing? I think the same thing could be said of our entire authoring experience.

I’ve evolved from someone who knew nothing about publishing a book, with just an idea in my head and the hopes that someone would listen. Here I am today, a published author working on the sequel as well as the third book and another project. Juggling all of these things, I began to feel pressured to sell. Selling your book means success. It means the nights that I stay awake writing when I could be resting before another full day of work at 0630 actually meant something, right? I thought this. And I thought that I wasn’t doing enough.

I’ve always told Rosemi that I wanted to make it organically. I wanted to be the book, the author, that someone stumbled upon. That I didn’t want to focus on sales because it wasn’t about that for me. I think I became a stranger, even to myself, the last few weeks. I don’t want millions of readers because I want millions of dollars. That’d be nice but the reason behind my struggle was, I wanted people to care about the words. It’s my first book! And it’s even dearer to me because of the situations I was in when writing the book.

But I’ve finally come full circle. I’ve realized what I wanted again. I think each author will have to come to terms with this and ask themselves an important question: Why do you write and what do you want from it?

Figure it out early on. Because not everyone is going to like your work and some people just aren’t going to care. And you have to be all right with that.

This doesn’t mean I won’t offer my book to bloggers for reviews. It just means that sales aren’t going to be my priority. I’ve done my part, I constantly post something or other about my book because I’m obsessed with my work. But I refuse to let it bother me that I don’t have as many readers as the next author. All in due time. And if that times doesn’t come, I’m fine with that. I’m fortunate enough to have made it this far.


Now playing California Rain by Betty Who. I’m oh so obsessed with her album.

All my love,

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