If I Could Explain the Magic of Writing

So, I had this really great idea. I want to attempt to explain to you all what writing is like for me. In no way am I saying this is good writing. At the end of the day, I know less about writing than a lot of people (Certainly less than Rosemi–she’s a genius). But I want to share the experience with you guys.

Writing, for me, is like the moment Liza is transitioning for the first time. In a lot of ways, when I settle down and my fingertips hit the keyboard, I know I’m experiencing something amazing. Similar to what Liza experiences when she finally lets go and accepts her mermaid form. In the beginning, I was timid, my words a little less sure. But over time, the quicker your fingers fly, the better the high. I can sit at my desk, clacking away at my keyboard, with some sort of facial expression. A sinister smile, a frown. There are moments where I even chuckle. Juan has learned to ignore me.

As writers, we are constantly battling ourselves and our work. Similar, again, to Liza’s journey. But I have found that comfortable point in my writing career where I’m writing for my characters. I’m not writing for readers and I can’t even say I’m writing for myself (although it gives me extreme pleasure). Some of you may think this is wrong. And in some ways it is. But I have Rosemi.

Rosemi is the angel on my shoulder. She reels me in. And she is my conscience. My books wouldn’t sell at all if it weren’t for her. Because although I write for my characters, Rosemi edits for my readers. What do I mean by that? There are scenes where I’m not as detailed as I should be or I skip over giving information because my characters already understand. Equipped with her witty and, most times, funny remarks, she makes my work sparkle.

Writing is draining. It takes so much from me. But if you’ve ever had a reader sit down with you and discuss their favorite characters with you–the characters that were once just an idea swimming around your brain–you know that being tired isn’t sh*t. We’ll get over some emotional fatigue. We’ll even weather physical fatigue. Because it’s just that wonderful…it’s that damn magical.

Now playing The Goo Goo Dolls’ Without You Here.

All my love,

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