We Have A LOT to Catch Up On!

Hello! I’ve been missing the writing world. The Army world has been busy, taking all of my free time. I hope you all understand.

First, I’d like to announce that a blogger has posted a review of Mystic Waters. On her blog, we’re giving away a kindle version of the book. Check it out and enter to win.

Second, I have realized that even though I finished the book, the work isn’t complete. That’s the most difficult part of being an author for me. I do not have copious amounts of free time to actively engage readers or broadcast my work. I’m working on my next projects. So, this is me telling all aspiring authors, once the book is complete, the work still isn’t done. If you go with a large publishing house, maybe. But in my experience, with a small press, no. Which I understand and knew this going in. But it is definitely different knowing it and going through it. I’ve been contacting book bloggers but Mystic Waters will not be a sensation. In order to make a name, I have to produce more work.

Third, I have a side project titled Crashing Souls. I figured, since I posted it on my other social media accounts, I’d post a piece of it here. 🙂

Crashing Souls

Are you excited? I am! I haven’t decided exactly what to do with this. Should I publish it and give it away for free? Should I create a web series, giving chapters away at a time? Should I try to go with a larger publishing house? There are so many different ways I could go with this. We shall see!

Fourth, Chasing the Tide is due to Rosemi November 10th! I think I saved the best news for last, guys. 😉

Now playing M83’s Kim & Jesse. But I’ve been playing Christina Perri’s Burning Gold for the past week!

All my love,

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