So She Says – First Anniversary

Woah. We made it to one year. 365 days.
Let’s reflect on this year:

– I was still writing Mystic Waters when I started this blog.
– I was in Afghanistan.
– I had no idea if my WIP would even be anything. I knew what I wanted, but I had no direction.
– I didn’t even know Rosemi yet.

It’s been quite a year! I lost, I loved, I wrote, I laughed, I cried. Most importantly, I became a published author. And while I don’t have many readers, they are the best. I wouldn’t trade them.


We’ve discussed so many things on this blog. My posts were a bit more in-depth during deployment (something I’m trying to get back into), sometimes I worry I’ll run out of things to talk about.

What I do want to mention is the fact that I have five more copies of my book in my possession. If anyone would like a signed copy, email me! If anyone would a copy in exchange for an honest review, email me!

I remember I posted a little about inspiration. I mention (always) how music affects my writing. But I really want to break down my writing process now that I’ve started my third book (no title yet).

Usually, I stop a book when I know a new story is about to begin. That’s the first thing I have to say. When writing a series, you really have to know when and where to stop off at.

The start of the next book has to be handled delicately. I know most authors will backtrack and give you bits of information about the previous book to jog your memory. I don’t. That style of writing isn’t mine. I can’t do that, in my opinion, because it takes away from the authenticity of my work. I would never stop and think to remind myself that I met my husband four years ago. So I won’t do it in a story that is told in the first person (past tense).

Back to discussing the beginning. It takes one song to give me the sentence, that one knockout first chapter, that I need. I do not plan when I write. I drive my car, I download music, I work, I wash dishes. During these times, scenes come to me. Sometimes they fit. Other times, I have to work them until they do.

Example: I was driving my car today, playing Maroon 5, and a scene smacked me upside the head. A scene for book three! This is how it happens. My brain wanders, songs play, scenes come, I write them, after a while, it all fits. Crazy, right?

And when I feel a scene coming, it’s like a curtain is being lifted and I’m witnessing this private move. I’m VIP. And then I’m scrambling to share the awesome-ness with you all! Somehow my brain connects the random dots that the story is (sometimes while I’m in the shower), leaving me with a complete story (yes, I usually jump out of the shower and write…mostly when my husband isn’t around to make fun of me).

I’ve missed writing longer blog posts. I promise to try harder!

Now playing Maroon 5 – Coming Back For You. Happy Anniversary, ladies and gentleman. It has been such a pleasure.

All my love (every last bit),

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