Barnes & Noble

OK. So, a few things. Those of you who have followed this journey, know that Mystic Waters has been available on Barnes & Noble since its release. In eBook format, of course. Pretty standard. And those of you who follow me on any social media platform know tonight’s news.

Mystic Waters will be available in print for Barnes & Noble customers.


I never thought we’d get to this point. And, I mean, the writing world is so fickle. I think I came to understand this more in the last few days than during the querying process. Which is strange!

It’s 1:26 a.m. I woke up randomly and remembered I had to type this post out. *sigh* I am tired. Blame my sleepy brain on the awkwardness of this celebratory post.

I’ll be going away for some Army training on Monday. So, sadly, I won’t be posting too much between now and the end of my training next month, mid-month. I’ll try! But no promises.

I’m not playing any songs. But I love Stacy Barthe’s War IV Love. I’ve been playing it the past few days. OK. Back to bed.

Barnes & Noble. Yay!

All my love,

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