Olde Mistick Village – Mystical Elements!

Remember yesterday’s post? Well, yesterday I went to Mystical Elements, which is a major setting in Mystic Waters and I took a video to show you all what Olde Mistick Village looks like!

Overall, my vacation was a hit. I had 6 signings but had to cancel the one today due to my travel schedule conflicting with the signing time. I felt really badly about that. I always want to sign for my readers and being so new, every signing counts.

I’ve met some wonderful people while being on vacation. If I’m being honest, this vacation was more work than play. Which is kind of sad because now I’m going to Army work. :/ Does it ever end??

Mystic Waters is definitely in a better place since being here. We’ve gotten the word out on it and have signed on for our second printing. We are almost out of books only a month in! Amazing, right? If any bloggers would like to review, please contact myself or my publisher, Rosemi at rosemi@anterior.us

For those who’ve supported me, I’m so lucky to have you! And I hope you’re ready for Chasing theTide! It’s bee such a difficult yet pleasure-filled write. I’m loving every minute of it!

If you have time, make your way to Mystic, CT. You’ll fall in love.





All my love, from Nivineon,

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