Meet the Characters!

MW Count3


When we initially started discussing the Mystic Waters website, Rosemi insisted we introduce the characters. I didn’t want to do a typical character summary so we thought choosing quotes from the book that reference each character would not only be more fun, but also more intriguing. It’s my birthday, and because I’m known for being generous, here’s my gift to you all:


Liza – And as awful as it sounded, I reasoned that maybe if I lost myself in another woman, it would take the edge off. Maybe my obsession with Liza would fade.


Farah – “Hey, you!” She shouted down. He looked around for the voice and zeroed in on Farah’s waving form with a smile. She winked before tossing her bra with a flourish, giggling excitedly when he snatched it from the air.


Edric – Looking back up at him, I caught the slightest smile, telling me, ‘Yes, I’m looking at you.’ What stopped me was his intense gaze. What made my heart lurch was the fact that he was ridiculously sexy.


Meda – “How do I know I can trust you?” I asked as we rushed out of the room, into the rest of the store. Meda halted and held my shoulders. “Because I told you what no one else could.”


Amare – Amare stood with her hands tucked into the pockets of her black jeans. Her slim frame would scream fragility, but her sheer power was written in her stance, in her walk, in everything she did.


Maria – “She is known as the Sea Witch. Her human name was Maria, but, as I am sure you have seen, she is very far from anything human now.”



Now playing Birthday by Katy Perry. It seemed appropriate.



All my love, from Nivineon,

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