13 Days!

13 Days!

I owe you TWO facts. Yesterday was a busy Army day and I crawled into bed and passed out. Sorry about that! 13 days away. Let’s give you some love and some hate.

Fact 1: When writing Edric, I had to be a little in love with him as well. He’s a bit of a tortured soul. But on his worst day, he is a beautiful spirit. I think the charm in him is his eagerness to please Liza. We all know that nothing turns a woman to putty more than a man who isn’t afraid to show the world that you are his.

Fact 2: Maria was born of my own fears. Her powers even frighten me. What’s worse is, she is unpredictable. And because of her past, she is absolutely insane. She’s so much fun to write! As many times as she may make you gasp and cringe, she makes me react as well.

Are you ready for Mystic? šŸ™‚

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