The Dream

It’s a bit surreal these days. I walk around with a smile on my face. In my uniform. I never thought I could be so happy.

I was happy when I married my husband. I was happy when I joined the Army. I was even happy when that plane landed in Afghanistan and I stepped out and inhaled the dusty air, filled with the stench of the “poo pond”. But to make your dreams come true on your own…there’s a deep sense of contentment that follows you. I am proud to say I’m a Soldier. But I’m absolutely floored by the idea of being called an author.

I didn’t come from much. My parents were hardworking. I think I got my drive from them. My ambition came from wanting to put a smile on their faces and making sure I never had to work so hard that I missed moments from my (future) childrens’ lives. So I graduated high school, took some time to get to know myself, be a bit of a child, then I buckled down and started to really work. Since then I haven’t stopped. One day I decided, since I’m doing things I never thought I could, let’s add something else into the mix. Something I enjoy.


And here I am. Mystic Waters will be released in 22 days! I’ll be home in 22 days. I used to dream of this stuff from my container in Afghanistan. Can this really be happening?!

I have to thank Anterior Books for believing in me. And Rosemi Mederos…what would I do without you? I’d be lost. That’s for sure. For the people who’ve kept up with this blog, I’m so glad you tuned in. And even if you think my book is shit, I’m still glad. I did something I’ve always wanted to do and I had the courage to see it through. Thanks for holding my hand and jumping off the cliff with me.

If anyone has anything to ask of me, please don’t be afraid to email me. And if you’d like to ask in person as well as have me sign your book, feel free to attend the event being hosted. Come one, come all! Also, follow my Facebook page. I update more often on there. Even my Twitter and Instagram get more action than this blog. 😉


I’m working hard on Chasing the Tide.


Now playing XO by John Mayer. Beyoncé, watch out! 🙂






All my love, from Nivineon,

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