Revealing the Book Cover!

Hello! You’ve read the title correctly. We are revealing the Mystic Waters book cover. However, it will not be today and it will not be on my blog (at least, my blog won’t be where you see it first). On Monday, May 12th, 2014, the book cover will be revealed on Anterior’s website. This is a huge deal of course. I know we’ve been pretty quiet about the production/publishing of Mystic Waters but that’s only because we didn’t want to make you all promises we couldn’t keep.

I’ve seen the cover. And I had my hand in the production of this book in every way possible. This is because I trusted my gut and went with a woman who had complete faith in my story. I don’t think a traditional publishing house would’ve made me as happy as our situation does. My opinion is considered in all things and I’m so fortunate. When looking for a publishing house, please make sure it’s what you want. Only you have to live with the regret of making the wrong decision.

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you’d see that I posted a small piece of the book cover for those who’ve shown me support throughout this journey. I am so happy to share these updates with you and hope you love Mystic Waters as much as Rosemi and I do!






Now playing A Fine Frenzy’s Pinesong.



All my love, from Nivineon,

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