Writing Chasing the Tide

OK. I’m here. I hope everyone is paying attention because I have some advice from the inside. Here goes nothing.

Writing your second book is not easier than writing the first. Especially if it’s a sequel.

I know, I know. For some people it may be. Hell, for most people it may be. But the greatest catch is, you can’t just make things up anymore. You have a whole story that you’ve already built and you have to follow that! In the first book, you set up the world. In the second book, you discuss conflict in that world, yeah? My problem is, in the second book, you’re being introduced to a whole other world. Yep. My brain hurts. But trust me…this is one story you won’t want to miss.

I always tell people that Mystic Waters is the introduction. Sort of like a handshake. Chasing the Tide is the explosion. I want to make sure you’re in love with my characters, invested in the story, before I blow up your brains. I’m so considerate, I know.


Well, off to Mystic to finish working on Chasing the Tide for the allotted hours I’ve given myself. Ciao!


Now playing M83’s I Need You.



All my love,

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