I Feel Busy, Oh SO Busy

Hello! I hope you aren’t too upset with me. I’ve recently taken up bar tending on weekends. So, I am veryyyy busy these days. Also, I’ve been spending my off time critiquing a manuscript in exchange for mine. It was a good experience!


Now, Mystic Waters news. I know my last post discussed Rosemi and I “doing it on our own” but that isn’t exactly what I meant. We’re going through Anterior, a small publishing house. I’ll be posting more information as soon as I get the word. Aren’t we all excited??

We’re still planning an event in my hometown when I come home in June. If anyone is interested, my email address is on the “About the Author” page. Let me know! It’s open to all.

I’ve been working on Chasing the Tide. To say this book is completely different from the first in the series would be an understatement. We see our friends flourish under pressure and I love every minute of it. I know I’d previously posted Mystic being a Quadrilogy but I may just do a trilogy. Then again, there may be six books! It’s definitely too soon for me to tell.

In other news, if you haven’t seen the Divergent movie, please remove your a** from the dingy computer chair you’re sitting at, and make your way to your nearest movie theater. I have such a love/hate relationship with this trilogy due to its timing while reading it but I wanted to cry like a baby when watching it. Do you ever wonder how Veronica Roth must feel, seeing her characters come to life? That has got to be amazing. I couldn’t help, while sitting there, my eyes wide, that maybe one day that’ll be MW. Wishful thinking.


Now playing M83 – I Need You.


All my love,

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