I’m Working…I Promise

Now, most of you know I made it home on the 18th (FINALLY). I’ve taken the last few days for myself to get into the groove of things as well as spend some time with friends and family.

Tonight I tried something. We’re on our last draft of Mystic Waters and it’s due to Rosemi in a few days. So today I sat down with my friend and read a few chapters aloud to her. I have to encourage this method to other writers. I found mistakes I otherwise looked over. There were sentences that weren’t graceful or wording that didn’t quite fit. So that’s some advice I’d like to share. Once you have your story down, I encourage reading it aloud to someone who is interested in the story.

It’s weird being back home.


But weird.

You never really know just how crap a situation is until you’re out of it. At least, when you come home from Afghanistan. I ask you all for patience. I’m still attempting to get into the groove of things. Hopefully next post will give you all a bit more info! Until then:



I’m home.



Now playing Chandelier by Sia.



All my love,

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