The Post That Was SUPPOSED To Come From Germany

Look at the title of this post. Not the happiest camper to have had my flight home canceled a few days ago. And to make up for me not posting despite my personal issues, I’m going to give you an excerpt! Don’t leave me. I promise to be better next time. Xoxo.





The familiar shock of power flew through me and my hands were set alight. The glow that covered them from wrist to fingertip, shimmering with the promise of something terrible, was enough to shock me back to reality. Hurting anyone was out of the question so I breathed deeply, the steady rise and fall of my chest interrupted by my shivering against the cold wind that stung my wet skin. I couldn’t live if I did something like that again. I watched the lightning crack through the darkness. Even the rain and lightning and thunder in all the world wouldn’t chase away my demons.

“Liza! Elizabeth!” I could hear Farah calling for me, but I stood there and let the rain wash over me, cleansing me. Nothing I could do would ever change what happened. It would never erase my greatest sin, which was beginning to consume me. I saw the way her steps faltered when she noticed the muted glow coming from my fingers, dimming further as I calmed myself. I didn’t bother to hide them. There was no fight left in me, no more denial.

“Wha…what?” Her hands tightened around the stem of the umbrella and I could feel the shock coming from her. I didn’t respond.


I hope you enjoyed that bit! I’m attempting to redeploy and plan an event once I get back home. I’ve just gotten word that the Mayor of my hometown will be in attendance! If you find yourself without plans on June 21st, email me…well…before the 21st would be best. 😉


Now playing Lea Michele’s Cue the Rain. Her album is genius. I’m in love.


All my love,

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