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Did you miss me? I’m very happy to have my blog back. 🙂

I’m not going to pretend I’m some seasoned writer. But so far I haven’t had anyone call bullsh*t on my posts, so today I’m going to tackle my own struggles with writing magic. It’s very tricky because magic can be anything, come from anything, do anything. At some point there has to be limitations, right? Here we go.


Initially I wanted to make my protagonist this awesome and undefeatable demi (half mermaid/merman). Hell, I wanted to make all demi bada**. But if they were unstoppable, there’d be no conflict. So, while Liza is indeed powerful (unbeknownst to her), she has weaknesses. There is a yin to a yang, a good to an evil, and a weakness to a strength.

Liza’s situation was a bit different than other demi. She’s my baby. She’s very much like my child. I can’t even really explain how I came up with demi, sirens, the whole shebang. There was a blur of research (including the full moon, the legend of Goody Hallett, and other mermaid facts) that led to me creating these creatures. Being half mermaid/merman was an idea I fell in love with. Also, I fell in love with merpeople race as a whole. I almost think of them as angels, they attempt to be so pure.

I’m getting away from my topic (as usual). Writing magic. When I write a scene where someone is using magic (whether an affinity or an ability), I want you to see it. Because I can. I can see everything. And if I’m anything at all like merpeople, I like to share. Here’s a little piece of what I’ve written:


I opened my eyes in wonder. Through the glow of my fingertips, I could see the liquid being released into the air, like there was no gravity. I gasped, the excitement stamped clearly on my face. I was enthralled—I was powerful.


Rosemi always said I wrote better when I show rather than tell. And I take that seriously. I show you what exactly she does/sees. When writing, a movie is playing in my head and I’m simply writing it all down so you all can enjoy it as well. If you don’t learn anything from this post, remember that. If you can’t see it in your own head, how do you expect others to? Maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about and maybe I’ll look back on this post and cringe in embarrassment over the stupid things I thought I knew. But today I’m telling you readers see things when they read. They picture it based off of their own experiences. See, your idea of a blue shirt is completely different from theirs. And that’s fine. But if they can’t even picture the magic you’re attempting to create, it’s all for naught.

Off topic again. Writing magic. If you give your character a power, there should be something about it, especially if they are a main character. I got this from Veronica Roth’s blog post where she explains that if there’s a gun in a scene, it has to go off eventually. Same thing with magic. If there’s a power, there’s always something behind it. Either the power saves everyone or there’s this awesome story behind it. Hell, if your magic power is being able to pick locks with your eyes, at one point there’s going to be a door that you really need to open. Get where I’m going? OK.


I’m done blabbering. I have to get ready for bed. Early morning tomorrow. Also, I took a PT test this morning. I passed, if you’re curious. Know that I’m not putting my physical fitness on the back burner. I gave my word to the Army and I’m nothing if not loyal to the end. My blog posts may not come every other day like they usually do. I’m getting ready to move out, so things are hectic here. Stay patient. I’ll be posting/writing as often as possible!


Now playing Pia Mia – Fight for You ft. Chance the Rapper (Yes, from the Divergent soundtrack).



All my love,

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