Why Rosemi?

OK. Rosemi, don’t think I’m totally awkward for this post. Well, you know I’m awkward, but don’t tell everyone else. I like that they think I’m this put together author who, despite being deployed, is rather pleasant and maybe even talented? Alright, that may be too much. Stay focused. This post is going to discuss my finding Rosemi (rather, her finding me) and our happiness together since then. Yes, this is a love story. Ha!

When I announced that I was going to work with Rosemi (Roe-se-mee) — make sure you pronounce it with an ‘s’ and not a ‘z’ — I briefly touched on this topic. Most of you know I had someone lined up to edit for Mystic Waters before even seeing Rosemi’s email. And, the person I had in mind was nice. I even expressed how excited I was to work with her. Which was completely genuine! At the time. Until I received Rosemi’s email.


I’ve only shown the very first part of the email because that’s all it took. For those of you who’ve used the EFA (Editorial Freelancer’s Association), you’ll know that you receive almost hundreds of emails in response to your request. Sure, the obvious thing was that she read my blog (a LOT of my posts) and that was important to me. But, she followed me on Twitter as well. And, after a few days, I emailed her. I had to. She wanted it. More than anyone else, in my opinion. And my gut told me she was going to get Liza. If Rosemi’s initial email planted a question in my head, her second email answered it.



So, I said yes. And I’ve been literarily smitten since. For instance:





Rosemi has held my hand throughout this entire experience and I can confidently say Mystic Waters and Chasing the Tide would not be where they are if it weren’t for her. When you pick an editor, be sure that everything points in the right direction. Maybe that wonderful person I initially picked would’ve worked out well. But Rosemi is more than my editor. She’s my partner! And she’s like Liza’s fairy godmother. Between her having answers for everything and her crazy links that always answer my questions, I’m a lucky girl! Glad to have you on my side and don’t worry, I’m getting back to work. 😉

Now playing Atlas by Coldplay.

All my love,

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