Not Quite There Yet…

Today I had a very interesting Skype date with my wonderful editor-turned-agent, Rosemi. And can I just tell you, we have some great ideas between the two of us. I want you all to know, I know it’s going to be a bit longer before you’ll see Mystic Waters as we query publishing houses. But, as Rosemi said, we have a Plan D, should all else fail. You’ll be seeing this book.

If you’ve read the final manuscript, be prepared for changes when reading the published copy. Because, what I thought was the final draft, is not. In fact, as authors, we’re never really finished, are we? We send the MS out, only to have a new scene smack us upside the head. For me to have thought I was completely finished makes me laugh. While I will be quite soon, I knew there were changes that had to be made. Something was off. I knew this because my gut told me. And I’m sure once it is read over by the publishing house, they’ll have their own notes as well. This is why you write what you love. You’ll be reading it over and over until your eyes are bleeding.

Do I mind that I’m going over Mystic Waters again? Absolutely not. I fall more and more in love with my characters each time. And each time, they show me another side of them I didn’t catch before. While Farah is sassy, she has this small uncertainty about her once she sees Liza gaining her independence. Edric lets his feelings for Liza dictate his actions, making him vulnerable to the things he fears most. Amare’s loyalty is fierce and, while she can interact with humans easily, she can assume her role in the demi world effortlessly. I see these things each time I go over it again and again. Josh only wanted love. And while it may be the greatest feeling in the world, it can be toxic. The reoccurring theme in this story is the effect love can have, whether it be the simple infatuation Maria had for Captain Bellamy, or the near-tragic love between the goat farmer and the noblewoman.

After all, love is the ultimate…isn’t it?


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All my love,

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