I Know I’ve Been MIA, But Here’s An Excerpt So You Don’t Hate Me!

If you’re close with me, you’d know I’ve been thinking over some things…working things out in my head. And if you’re even closer, you’d also know I’m preparing to redeploy. These next few months are going to be hectic, so please bear with me! As the title pretty much shouted, I’m going to bribe you with an excerpt so you all don’t go out looking for a new deployed soldier who happens to be writing a book and is posting on his/her blog every step of the way. 🙂



Sometimes I would catch Edric staring at me, concern etched on his face. But as soon as I’d smile at him, he’d smile back and our world was right again.

He still had nightmares. They weren’t every night, and though he tried to hide them, peeping over at me as I pretended to sleep through his jostling, I knew. I learned by watching him that his dreams weren’t necessarily scary. He didn’t wake up in a cold sweat because he was afraid for himself. His dreams were about me. It was written in his stare, in the way he held me frantically after each one, chasing away the remnants of whatever vision he’d been subjected to. Each night I went to sleep with my legs and arms tangled in his. I was desperate to chase away the dreams, making sure my charm touched him as we drifted off. I figured that, since it worked against Maria, it could work against whatever he was dreaming of. I still had no idea if it was indeed Maria but I was too afraid to ask. Edric probably wouldn’t want me to think he was weak to her. But I’d never think of him as weak. He was my armor, my rock.



Now playing Foxes – Youth.


All my love,

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