Dream a New Reality

So, I know we usually talk about me and my writing and my life, blah blah, right? Tonight I want to talk about you! Well, obviously not you all personally, as I don’t know each of you individually. I’d like to talk about the fact that there are people out there who aren’t giving life to their aspirations.

Most of you reading this know my story. You know that I grew up in Connecticut, graduated high school, joined the Army, deployed, and wrote a book. That’s my story. And maybe I needed to deployment to knock some sense into me and get me doing what I love. You all don’t have a deployment to do that for you (thank God), so I’m going to figuratively kick your butt to get you going.

I know I always tell you all that life beyond this very moment isn’t promised. It’s a hard idea to wrap your brain around. We’re making dinner plans, hanging out with our friends…moving right along in our lives. That’s how we’re programmed. And, unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way of really doing what you love. People graduate high school, go to work or to college (depending on your situation) and their wants, their dreams, are no longer a priority. The next check is. The money. The means to live.

There’s nothing I can do to change that. But I will say this: I refuse to live another day not doing what I was meant to. While I had the courage to begin writing, it was losing some of my people that pushed me to finish.

When I say that I never knew true happiness until I sat down to create this world I’m writing, I mean it. Sure, I have happiness in my friendships, my relationships with others, my family. But this happiness was something within myself. It was something no outside force, no human being, could give or take away. Because I let myself dream, I let myself be happy.

Treat everyday like it’s your last. Who knows? One of these days, it will be. No regrets, right? Think about it: If I didn’t let a deployment stop me, what’s stopping you? Fear of failure? Afraid you won’t be able to pay your bills? If you want it badly enough, it will work. As long as you remain true to yourself and trust in yourself, everything will be OK. Push past the bad days, the uncertainty and the crowd. Be great.




Now playing Lupe Fiasco’s Words I Never Said feat. Skylar Grey. I also played Safety Suit’s These Times. đŸ˜‰


All my love,

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