Let me start by saying that this post isn’t going to tell you anything about me being deployed. The title may seem a bit misleading but let me get to it.

I get that I wrote almost two books in Afghanistan and that causes people to take an interest in what it is I’ve written. However, I do not want my service crossing over into my career as an author. I know, I know. People are going to want to know my story and maybe my blogging hasn’t helped. But I’d like to keep details about this deployment to myself. It’s something my battle buddies and I have and, while everyone has different experiences, I’d like to do you all the favor of keeping these things to myself. Yes, somewhere in my author bio it will mention my deployment and yes, in my acknowledgments, I will address this deployment, as well as those who’ve helped me throughout, because it’s such a large part of what I’ve created. All that I ask is people not push for details and only read my work if interested. Don’t read it thinking there will be secrets about the government or the military. Obviously a book about mermaids isn’t going to give you that.

Most of all, I ask you to thank (or at least shake the hands of) service members. And give thanks to God, always.


Now playing Babyface’s When Can I See You. A bit sadder than usual but I was in an R&B mood. Have a good night.



All my love,

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