Query Rejection #8

Sometimes I stop and really think about the fact that I wrote a book. Then I think to myself, you all are going to be able to read it! Unlike any other day where I’d simply smile with excitement, a cold fear set over me. It’s scary, isn’t it? To put yourself out there. So today I’d like to take the time to really sit and appreciate the fact that publishing my book is no longer a vision. It’s something that’s happening. The contract is on its way! Once signed, I’ll be giving you all a bit of myself, letting you in my brain to get to know the characters that live in my head. Apologies. I just needed to rant for a second before showing you all my latest rejection letter.


Dear Cynthia:

Thank you so much for allowing our agency to consider your material. Unfortunately, after carefully reviewing your query, we’ve determined that this particular project isn’t the right fit for our agency at this time.  As I’m sure you know, the publishing industry changes swiftly now, as do readers’ tastes and trends. As a result, our own agents’ needs shift and change, as well; therefore, we would like to encourage you to consider querying us with future projects as you may deem appropriate. 

Again, thank you very much for allowing us this chance to consider your material, and we wish you all the best in your publishing endeavors.


Obviously, I’m not too upset about this one as I already have a deal in the works. Again, I handle rejection a lot better than acceptance.

Onto better news! Yesterday I met the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens! A very nice man, I might add.


I managed to look normal here…


…not so much here.


Needless to say, the Baltimore Ravens have gained a new fan. I spoke to my CSM (Command Sergeant Major) and explained that recently I’d gotten into football as a sport (since playing competitively on Christmas) and had yet to chose a team to follow. My husband wanted me to love his team (Carolina Panthers) and my dad raised me to love his (Dallas Cowboys) but I wanted my own team! I didn’t want to be a follower. Hell, I’d spent all of my life sticking out, stepping away from the crowd, doing my own thing. Why would I start now? So, I felt the good Lord sent John Harbaugh to give me a team to follow. And, like the writer/woman I am, I’m doing research and catching up on their stats and players. 🙂 Weird, I know. My dad and husband aren’t too happy with my decision but I’m sure they understood I was never going to pick a team on my own. And I was never going to follow a team that they did. I’m too stubborn.


I’ve taken some time away from writing the sequel while waiting on the contract. I think I just needed some time to breathe. It worked. Yesterday I added almost 1,000 words to the MS! Very excited to get back to it once I finish tonight’s post. The end of deployment is nearing and with it comes nervousness. I know this now. The desert, pretending I’m not here, escaping into my own head for a few hours. I’m sure I’ll be fine. At least, I hope!


Now playing TLC’s Waterfalls. And yes, I can totally rap Left Eye’s part. 😉 Goodnight!


All my love,



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