Query Rejection #7

Hi again! I received another rejection last night/early this morning (my time) and, as usual, have decided to share it with you all. I really liked this one. It may even be my favorite. You’ll see why!

Hi Cynthia,
Thank you for your patience as we finished reviewing your query. I really enjoyed it, feeling it brought something new and unique to the table. Unfortunately, the consensus among our acquisitions team was that it’s a little too similar to a title we’re in the process of acquiring. Therefore, sadly, I have to send you toward the other publisher’s offer. We wish you nothing but the best, and sincerely hope Mystic Waters finds all the success it deserves.
I do hope you’ll think of us again in the future. You’re a very talented writer, and I’d love another opportunity to see your work.
Best of luck with your new journey through publication. I’ll watch for Mystic Waters to grace Amazon’s shelves, that way I’ll at least get to read the rest. 😉
For someone in the writing world to tell me I’m talented…well, that makes me very happy, of course. I still haven’t responded to the publishing house due to me waiting on the agent currently reading my MS. I think I’ll be emailing them shortly, though. Can’t stop progress! And a very vain part of me hopes (and truly believes) that there isn’t anything too similar to what I’ve written. Maybe initially, but certainly not in the sequel or the rest of the books.
So, last night I sent my editor a small piece of what my characters were up to in the sequel and she wasn’t very happy. Yes, I’m the bad guy who kills off characters. I won’t tell you who (of course) but I will say it might be a bit unexpected. However, anything is possible. I just left the gym and am right on schedule to get to work on the sequel! Talk to you all soon!
Now playing Zedd’s Find You ft. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant.
All my love,

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