Query Rejection #6

Hello! This morning I received another rejection letter. Don’t worry. It isn’t from the agent who requested my full manuscript. As usual, I will post it.


Thank you for querying me.  Unfortunately I don’t feel I’m quite the right agent for your project. I’m regretfully going to pass.   

Best of luck with this project and all your endeavors.  Due to the volume of queries and submissions I receive, I’m unable to provide a personal evaluation of your query and/or further explanation of my decision.

Good luck with your submissions.


Sharing these rejections isn’t me making agents out to be bad guys. It’s showing you the tougher side of writing and querying. Agents aren’t these monsters. Fiction is such a subjective area, one man’s dislike is another’s treasure. So, keep on writing and prepare yourself for the long haul!

In other news, I have eight days before I have to contact the publishing house with an answer.




I do hope that I hear from the agent before then but I will not rush her. If she doesn’t contact me in time, I’ll have to do it on my own. And, honestly, the publishing house is offering a rather sweet deal! I’d love to work with them. We’ll see how this all pans out!


Now playing The Civil Wars – Eavesdrop


All my love,

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