When it Rains…

Hi! Last time we were here, I told you about the awesome publishing house news, right? Well, I have more news.

So, typically when querying and you get an offer, you’re supposed to notify all agents/publishing houses you haven’t heard from (if within the time they give you for a response. If not, it’s a rejection.), letting them know. I notified each agent and received a request for a full!



(I got a hang of the GIF thing)  🙂

After a few emails (including one where I insist she not “dock cool points), and me falling asleep (I can’t help the time difference!), Mystic Waters is in her hands! I can only hope she’s enjoying it. Fingers crossed.

But I’m so antsy now! I want to start the publishing process. I want to witness my story come to life. I’m also extremely nervous that she won’t love it. I’ve never sent the full MS to an agent, and while I did send it to the publishing house, I wasn’t as afraid as I am now. Weird, I know.


I’m going to focus on writing the sequel because that will help the time pass. I have less than two weeks to get back to the publishing house with an answer!


Now playing Lady Antebellum’s Can’t Stand the Rain. But, to be fair, I’ve been playing XO by Beyoncé all day long.


All my love,

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