Mystic Waters

Best. News. Ever.

If you follow me on Twitter or liked my Facebook page (links are on the About the Author page), you’ve likely already heard the news. If not, you’ll read it now! I’ve finished Mystic Waters, at 92,183 words. Now, let me explain something. I use the term “finished” loosely. This is the draft that will go out to agents and publishing houses. I’m sure there will be more changes in the future, to better the story. But the gist of the story has been taken down, as beautifully as I could’ve done so. Want to know how I feel?

At first: picture136

And then: picture137

I’ll explain why I went from ecstatic to completely floored and slightly frightened.

When you’ve been as obsessed with something as I’ve been with Mystic Waters for OVER FIVE MONTHS, it can get a bit emotional once it’s through. Again, I use “through” loosely. I never thought I’d be able to actually finish it to a point where I’d be alright with sending it to agents/publishing houses. Yet, here I am, ready to send Liza off to the world. My motherly instinct is screaming at me, telling me she isn’t ready but my motherly instinct would never say she was. She would convince me that Liza is meant to be ours alone. Selfish, right? Liza is meant to belong to all of you!

Onto my chicken sh*t face. After realizing that I’ve written this great story that I love, that has brought tears to my eyes and joy into my heart, I thought to myself…what if no one likes it? Or, worse…what if they love it?! What if they love it and Chasing the Tide is sh*t? I know, I know. I stress myself out. But, that is my curse. Rosemi once said to me (via email because I have yet to meet this fabulous woman): For some people it’s easier to embrace the suck than to embrace the win, huh? Yes, she was talking about me. I was “some people” in that. I need to stop doing that. I need to stop being so ready for bad reactions that I can’t even accept the good ones. I get all suspicious and stuff. And then I get scared that I wrote a pile of crap. Do you know how it would feel to find out all 92,183 words are crap? Yeah. BIG blow to your self-esteem.

Is it excerpt time? Can it be? After holding out for so long, I might just do it. It’s going to be short, but here you are!


“The difference between us, besides the obvious things,” she swung her hands back and forth between them, “is that I was raised with these beliefs. Humanity really is dull when it comes to thinking that there are no beings like them on Earth. There’s plenty more where we came from. And, as far behaving in a cavalier manner, I happen to have a healthy respect, fear even, of things I do not know. You should feel the same. Just because you don’t know or haven’t seen it personally, doesn’t mean it does not exist.”


OK! That’s all for tonight! I’m so glad I was able to share this wonderful news with you.

Now playing Labrinth – Let the Sun Shine


All my love,


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