I’ve reached less than 90 days left in Afghanistan. While I’m happy about this (of course), I wonder how Liza will fit into my life at home. Will Mystic Waters mold into my life there? Will I write in my bed or my living room? Will I convert my spare room into an office? I know it’s trivial, worrying about these things, but I do. I worry that I will have to cut my time with her short because now that I’m home, I’ll have to make time for my husband (I love you!) and my dog. I’ll have to cook and clean and I’ll want to see the latest movies. I’ll go on leave to visit my family in June. What will happen to Liza then? Deployment is a bit easier. Because I need to escape, I make time for her. I make her my priority. But will the temptation of being able to do the things I love cloud my need to get her story down? I’d like to think she will come first but realistically, I’ll have to practice discipline and make time for her each day. Today I tweeted: Dreams are just dreams until you give them life.

So, I’ll give Liza life as often as I can. Something else I tweeted: Sure, fear can make you stumble. But it should never make you stop.

Here’s to us not letting fear stop us! And if you’d like to check out my other tweets, follow me @socynthsays!


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