Excerpt, Excerpt, Read All About It

I haven’t posted my writing for quite some time now, so I figured I’d kick off this post with an excerpt from CHASING THE TIDE, the sequel to MYSTIC WATERS.


We met the sun on the shoreline, its rays peeking through the darkness that it
overcame by the second. I looked to my left and saw Amare’s smile, her
eagerness to enter evident. Ryker was standing on my right and his nervousness
crashed like the waves, moments where he calmed himself, others where he
envisioned the worst case scenario. Although I offered him a small smile, I
wasn’t too concerned. I was just here to find vengeance.


I’m definitely not trying to give too much away but I wanted to give you a taste of what has consumed me. While writing this scene, I played Linus Young’s City of Sin.


All my love,

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