The Final Draft

I know! I skipped a day and I do apologize. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so I have a legitimate reason. I hope this post finds everyone well.

Some of you may’ve seen the news on my Facebook page ( Not only did Rosemi send MYSTIC WATERS back a day early (yesterday), but I’ve completed her edits. I AM NOW WORKING ON THE FINAL DRAFT OF MYSTIC WATERS. Holy s%*t! All of that ninny talk is going right out of the window. Add the fact that I haven’t heard from the rest of my beta readers and I can’t believe I’m not having a panic attack.

But fear is pointless. We’re going to all be like those kids who jump into the pool, pinching their noses, right? Don’t worry, I’ll be beside you. I’ll even hold you hand if it makes you feel better. Sure, the moment you hit the freezing water, you’ll wonder what the hell possessed you to do such a thing. But after a while, despite the quiet chatter of your teeth, you’ll realize just how fun it was. Sounds amazing, right?

My thought process varies slightly from you guys’. For instance, I had a 5k run this morning. I hate running and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it without stopping. It turns out I need to have a bit more faith in myself. Not only did I finish it, I didn’t walk at all. It was actually more fun that I thought (I was wearing a Santa hat).

So, it’s a bit easier for me to have this mentality because everyday I’m faced with the personal, physical, and emotional struggles of being deployed that I have to overcome.

Thanks for tuning in! MYSTIC WATERS is at 83,000 words and I am currently listening to HAIM – If I Could Change Your Mind. It’s very catchy with an 80’s feel.


All my love,