Beta Reader Feedback #1

Hello! As you all know, I’ve been adamant about sharing my experiences with you. Up to now, it’s been about writing and a few minor incidents. Now comes the fun stuff. I am going to show you what each beta reader sends me back (if they give me permission to and if it doesn’t contain vulgar language) and tell you my thoughts on them. I want to show you the work that goes into writing a book as well as prepare you for the idea that your work isn’t going to be perfect at first or at all. I don’t know that I’ll ever truly think my book is good enough to send out but at some point I’ll have to.

Each beta reader is anonymous and I ask that you respect their opinions. Also, I’m taking a huge gamble here, bringing to light flaws that others have pointed out. If I choose not to use their advice, I run the risk of you all being biased to my book. So, please, take something from this.

“Okay, here goes. It’s a little too slow in the beginning for my personal taste. Takes a little too long to get to the good parts of the story. I also think she changed back too quickly the first time, it should be a little more tense, and take a bit longer.
It seemed as if it took a while to get to the good stuff, I think chapter 13 was when it really started taking off for me.
Good plot though, and thought out well. Maybe not so much time getting to the action would make it a “must-read” for me.
Thanks for letting me read this interesting premise, the world needs more mermaid tales or tails. Lol
Feel free to pick my brain for more details or questions.”
My philosophy on using multiple beta readers is that you should most definitely pay attention to the advice given if each one mentions the same thing. So, it’s a bit difficult to really gauge the weight of her words. As human beings, we all have our own particular tastes (which she states ‘for my personal taste’). So I’m unsure if it’s just her own preference or if it is something I will have to change.
My only defense is that I want the reader to learn Liza. I want you all to see how she used to be because trust me, everything is going to change (the second book is chock full of action). You get a better experience when you see the full spectrum of her ultimate transformation as a woman. Also, I feel as though we cannot know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’re from. I take this beta reader’s feedback very seriously and I am so blessed that she took the time to read and get back to me. And even though there were parts she had issues with, she didn’t hesitate to give me positive feedback as well. She didn’t simply bash my book (which I thought was going to happen because I am the type to give myself a heart attack). As of right now, I’m not making any changes because Rosemi still has my book and I don’t touch it until she gives it back. I’ll be sure to let you all know what feedback I use!
OK, you may not know that I am almost obsessed with Lea Michele. So slightly obsessed that as soon as I heard about Cory Monteith’s passing, I sent her a letter (I’m pathetic and she very likely never read it but it’s just who I am!). I preordered the DELUXE version of her album, Louder. I am currently listening to Cannonball and it’s beautiful. Such an empowering song!
But I’d like to shed some light on another song that has become almost a theme song for CHASING THE TIDE.
Linus Young – City of Sin
I encourage each of you to listen to both of these songs!
All my love,

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