Writing a Sequel

Most of you know that while Rosemi has MYSTIC WATERS, I work on the sequel (titled CHASING THE TIDE). Let’s discuss this.

I’m finding the sequel a bit tougher to write. Maybe it’s because I expect more of myself. I’m not just another person who is sitting down in front of her laptop and can simply give up if all doesn’t go well. I have characters who almost rely on me to make their story known. If I don’t do this, and right, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

Also, in the first book, Liza is sweet and innocent and that’s how you all will come to know her. But in the second book, tragedy changes her. We find her shifting into what she feared most. Here’s a quote from the book that explains is exactly:

“It seemed that sadness could turn into darkness in the blink of an eye.”

We’ve all been there. Someone will do or say something and, at that point, all you see is red. You just want to get even. It’s human nature. However, add in the magic that she’s capable of, one extremely powerful Sea Witch, and a depression so vivid, you’ll feel it in your bones, and you’ve got CHASING THE TIDE. I don’t want to give away too much but…it’s going to be quite a ride as we watch Liza transform from the innocent girl who didn’t want her powers, to the young woman who accepts her role and will do anything to see the Sea Witch dead.

Gosh, I wish I could just invite you all in my storage unit (room) and we could read the books together. The worst part about writing the books with you all is wanting to actually share what I have.

Also, I think because the first book isn’t quite set in stone, I don’t know exactly what will happen in the second. I find my characters giving me bits and pieces (adding to 10,000 words so far). I’m fine with that, though. I will continue to chip away at the words until I have a perfectly polished novel in front of me.

I haven’t yet heard back from my beta readers but I will let you all know as soon as I do!

Currently playing Ashes & Wine by A Fine Frenzy (thanks Rosemi!)

All my love,

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