Conquering Writer’s Block

Recently, a fellow writer asked me for advice. Wait, let me finish. She asked me for advice on writing. Forgive me, it was the first time it happened, so I’m very flattered. She asked me what was my advice on dealing with writer’s block. This was my answer:

Keep writing. Write whatever comes to mind. It’s easier to edit what you have than to work with nothing. Also, it feels better, having something to actually work with than just a blank or a pause. Don’t let it get the best of you. The words are there. You just have to deliver.

I believe in this 100%. I, myself, have yet to have a case of writer’s block *knocks on wood*. At least, not one that affects the story so much that I’m grasping for straws, pulling my hair out. My writer’s block is always temporary, until my characters kick me in the face and tell me to stop whining. Honestly, write through whatever mental block is going on. Who cares what you write? If you veer off, so what? That’s what editing is for. The word count rising will give you enough confidence to brace yourself during the terrible tempest that is the first draft edits.

Too many times we are worried about the wrong things as we write rather than actually getting the story out. When you focus on something other than the story, you lose the connection you have with your characters. You lose their identity and you begin to second guess yourself as a storyteller.

Fear is temporary.


Am currently playing Red Love by Pia Mia. Go listen!


All my love,

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