Kicking Fear’s Butt


Today I sent my manuscript back to Rosemi. Not only that, I’ve decided to send it out to beta readers as well (three that I don’t know at all, one a high school friend that I haven’t spoken to in a bit) and…I’m afraid.

I know that I’m this big bad Soldier but, I’m letting myself blog during my momentary fear. Of course, the one thing that I’m thinking is What if they don’t like it?
Guess what? If they don’t, someone else will. Maybe one person, maybe everyone else. But someone will. So, all I can do is continue writing and hopefully find others who appreciate what I’ve created. Wasting my time worrying isn’t going to do anything for me.

I’ve literally typed out the email to my beta readers with the MYSTIC WATERS PDF attached, waiting to hit send.

*Hits SEND*

That was easy. 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the sequel once more. Less than 8,000 words but I’m getting there! Until then, I’ll be sleeping off this horrible cold and missing Mystic Waters with a vengeance.


Now playing Wings by HAERTS as I cough and sneeze and generally find a way to spread my germs throughout Afghanistan!


All my love,

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