Cynthia’s 10 Rules to Writing

I decided that today should be a fun post! As writers, we all have things we like to do…weird, sometimes unspeakable things. So, I’m laying mine all out. That’s right. All of my weird writing rules will be unveiled, right here, right now.

1. I write the best scenes in my bed, after a shower, with my Brooks lap desk. This rule is: Be comfortable.
2. I almost always have a soda or snack while I write (sometimes both). I told you all that I’m a snack demon. This rule is an extension of the previous: Be a snack demon…if it makes you comfortable.
3. Music is a MUST. And not just any type of music. It has to be music that fits the scene. While I write a blog post, I often leave my iTunes library on shuffle until I reach a song that embodies what I feel at the time. Or I already know what song I want to hear before I sit down to blog. I always, always, always need music. This rule is: Listen to music.
4. When I write, I’m in a whole other world. I’m with my characters, I am my character. I don’t know how else to explain except to say that everything that you’ll be reading, I’ve had that experience tenfold. Not only was I there, I was a part of bringing it to life. Such an amazing feeling. So, naturally, I hate to be interrupted. This rule is: Leave me alone when I write.
5. On the other hand, for me to seriously write, I have to disconnect my laptop from the internet. Although I love to write, I often get distracted, especially being so far away from my loved ones. Sorry, Juan. I love you! This rule is: FOCUS!
6. I used to send people pieces of my work as I wrote it. I stopped doing this. I don’t need opinions. I need to finish. Then, I’ll need opinions. If you expect to finish your work, do not do this. This rule is: You shouldn’t worry about what readers will think until you’ve got the story out. Then is the time to edit.
7. Sometimes, I’ll make the faces my characters make, in order to better describe it. Or, I’ll say what my characters say in order to make the experience as real as possible. This works for me, maybe it’ll work for you. This rule is: Don’t make fun of me if you see this. 🙂
8. Reach out to authors! I cannot say this enough! Since beginning my book, I’ve chatted with all types of writers. Authors are supportive of each other and I love that. While everyone wants to be successful, no one tramples each other to get there. They give stellar advice and most are extremely kind (especially if you read their work). I think this rule is obvious. (Please see first sentence of this number if confused)
9. I try very hard not to take criticism negatively. It seems like a waste to be upset about the things people say after reading my work if they’re trying to help. I know we’re supposed to be intense but, come on. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had people literally scream in my face or maybe it’s that I’m in a combat zone where people would do worse than hurt my feelings. But I find that I have less anxiety if I just take the advice and either change it or leave it alone. That simple. This rule is: Don’t be a ninny when it comes to criticism. 🙂
10. I am passionate to a fault. I will go with my gut before I make an educated decision, as far as my book goes. But I’m ok with that. This rule is: Breathe. Make decisions you know in your heart are right. Keep going.

Obviously, these rules apply to me. I just wanted to share what’s helped in this experience. If you see results, great. If not, the advice was free so you shouldn’t be too upset. 🙂 Also, please, no one take offense to the ‘ninny’ joke. It was, after all, a joke.



Currently playing Christina Perri – Human. Listen to this. It’s amazing.


All my love,

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