Reading, Writing, and Cheating

Usually when I sit down to write my blog post, I’ve just gotten out of the shower. So picture this: me seated on top of my pink and yellow polka dot comforter, clad in Army PT uniform (black shorts, grey shirt, both with Army logo), and my hair wrapped turban style (on Wednesday and Saturday nights). Welcome to Afghanistan 🙂

I have to say, writing Science Fiction/Fantasy seems to be the toughest. While I haven’t written any other genre (yet), it seems to be the general consensus. Majority of the time, in these genres, you have to create your own world (not setting-wise but…you get my meaning). This can be so frustrating. Because if there’s something we don’t know for ourselves, it requires explanation. So sometimes I have to take a break.

One day I found myself writing something else. I just opened up word and wrote a simple 100 words. But I find that as I continue on with Liza’s story, whenever I’m too frustrated or tired to put in 100% (which I know my book deserves), I write this story. It’s much more simple and usually by the time I write a little, I’m right back in the mood for Mystic.

The thing that I like about this little side project is that it is nothing at all like my first book. It’s a historical fiction based in the 1950s. So, I like that I can almost “cheat” on Liza and then get my act together to go back and do what I need to do.

I don’t think that this will work for everyone but it certainly does for me. Also, the protagonist in this story (titled Giving In) is a little bitchy. She’s high-maintenance and would be the mean/popular girl in school. As some of you know, Liza is skittish, she’s quiet and she’s the outcast.

While I didn’t plan for this, the best things in life aren’t in my opinion. Of course, Mystic has my complete loyalty and will always take precedence. But I wanted to tell you all a trick that helps me when I’m in a rut.

Another obvious route would be to read a book. I’m currently reading EVERSEA by Natasha Boyd. It’s reminiscent of the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson scandal but I love it so far. If you want to check it out, here it is:

Last night, I reached the halfway point in the manuscript of my first edit. My plan is to take my editor’s feedback and make the corrections, either take her ideas or using my own, and then to read through it and see what else I think it needs. Then I’ll be sending it her way for another look through before the final copy edit. You don’t have to tell me how wonderful Rosemi is. I know. And I hope that the success of my book will bring her lots of clients. Just remember you were mine first, Rosemi! 🙂

Well, time to write. Stay awesome! Playing C’est la mort by The Civil Wars. They are musical geniuses!


All my love,

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