I Love Ya Tomorrow, You’re Always a Day Away

Hello! It’s the day after Veteran’s Day and I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to those who thanked me for my service yesterday. I absolutely loved it.

But today is a big day for me! It’s the last day I have to myself before receiving my manuscript back from my super awesome editor. And, while I’ve been working on the sequel, I will never forget my first love! So expect a lot of updates as we prepare to get the story out there!

I know a bit ago I’d told you all that I was unsure of how I was going to publish my book. I have decided to try traditional publishing, simply because my schedule is far too busy to do the book justice on my own. However, if no agent wants to represent my work, I will absolutely do it on my own.

So far I have two options in mind for submission: The Nelson Literary Agency and The Booker Albert Agency.

The Nelson Literary Agency is definitely one of the tougher agencies to get into. I would be sending my manuscript to Sara Megibow, as she represents the genre I’m writing. I follow her on Twitter (https://twitter.com/SaraMegibow) and have actually tweeted her to get more insight on a piece of advice she’d tweeted prior. Recently one of her clients hit it big (The Darwin Elevator http://www.amazon.com/Darwin-Elevator-Dire-Earth-Cycle-ebook/dp/B00BABT9VY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384274091&sr=8-1&keywords=the+darwin+elevator – Check it out!) and so I know that she has an eye for talent and excellence.

The Booker Albert Agency is a bit smaller but still making a name in the literary agency world, which I love. I’m still debating over who’d I send it to: Brittany Booker (https://twitter.com/bookers_32) or Jordy Albert (https://twitter.com/bluedragonfly81) but I’m sure I’ll pick the best fit for my book.

Now comes the hard part. As I get the query ready and send it out, I’ll be taking you all every step of the way. You will hear not only what successes I’ve made, but what failures come with the territory. And I know there will be failures, so brace yourself. It is inevitable in a world full of millions of writers.

Also, recently I’ve been looking around for Beta Readers. If you’re interested (and can offer valuable feedback) feel free to email me at cynthia.a.rodriguez6@gmail.com!


So I hope you all continue this journey with me! It’s guaranteed to be quite the learning experience!


The coloring page that started it all! It hangs on my wall to maintain my vision.
The coloring page that started it all! It hangs on my wall to maintain my vision.


P.S. Currently listening to Maroon 5 – Never Gonna Leave This Bed


All my love,


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