At one time or another, we have all experienced love. Anyone who says it isn’t the single most scary and beautiful experience is either a liar or didn’t experience the real thing. Having the ability to completely trust someone with your heart is meant to be scary. Its called falling in love because you are blindly falling, hoping to hold their hand the entire way down. While I believe that you can love more than one person, in my opinion there is absolute truth in the idea of having a soul mate. I don’t want to get too into this and go on about having more than one or what if someone dies…that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. Simply put, love is amazing.

The love between my protagonist, Elizabeth (Liza) and Edric is definitely one that will be tested again and again. Edric is very passionate and bold without being too pushy while Liza is more reserved and thoughtful. I would say shy but there are situations that would prove otherwise (especially in the second book). She is a scared young woman who is finally finding herself.

They are both in their very early twenties (well…never mind) so obviously sex is something that comes up. I love how it slightly addresses abstaining without diving head-on into the decision itself. I think its something our generation should enjoy. Sex isn’t the only way to express love.

I don’t know that I will succeed in this but I want to tell you what my goal is:
I want you to feel what I write. I want you to believe in true love again. There’s nothing that would give me greater pleasure than if you believed, not only in the magic, but the magic of love. It is, after all, a major part of the story.

What separates my book from being a Paranormal Romance is the fact that it isn’t built around the romance; the romance simply just came along. The story is about a young woman who finds out that she may be more than she ever thought she was meant to be. It is about the idea that while we walk the earth, our schedules busy and our coffees brewing, there are things that occur that we will never understand. Ultimately, it is a story that will (hopefully) make you question if what you grew up knowing is actually true.

It is supposed to breathe life back into innocent love and the belief that magic exists, if only in our minds.


This may be naïve but…I always root for the underdog.


P.S. I am playing Say Something by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera. I hope you all try to listen. It really is a beautiful song.



All my love,


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