Welcome to Mystic!

I have decided that after all of this time, maybe you guys should finally know the basic plot of my book. It’s a bit longer than a synopsis but we’ll just say this would be on the inside flap of the book (not the eBook version obviously). So please, read on and get to know a little bit of what has kept me up late at night for three months exactly tomorrow!

It was fear that had driven Liza to catch the next bus into Mystic, Connecticut, the day before her 18th birthday. In the hopes of evading the ghosts of her past and beginning a new life, she picks up a job at a local diner and tries to blend in over time. But, the dreams that continue to trouble her each night, accompanied with the ability to feel peoples’ thoughts and emotions, make it exceptionally difficult.

It is only once her friend Farah insists they visit the local psychic for a reading that Liza’s dreams of leading a normal existence are shattered. Not only is she half-mermaid, dubbed Demi, but her power is also so extreme that she is considered to be the only person who can successfully lead the battle against the Sea Witch, Maria. When a handsome stranger named Edric makes her acquaintance, Liza can’t help but hesitate in building a relationship with him, unsure of who is who.

There is always more than meets the eye, and that rings true in the small town of Mystic. Liza learns it was Maria who haunted her dreams her whole life, and she finds herself in a race against the moon to learn what she is truly capable of so that she may save her people.

Photo by Sebastian Meckelmann courtesy of National Geographic
Photo by Sebastian Meckelmann courtesy of National Geographic

Please, give me some feedback! Tell me what you think. I am so grateful you’ve taken time from your lives to join me in the experience bringing to life such a wonderful story.

P.S. Am currently playing Closer by Tegan and Sara!

All my love,

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